Her & His

Running at the speed of this rhythm, feeling the air crashing on me,
storing each moment in a heartbeat, standing right beside you, still.

Enjoying the view of this instant where there is no hurry to leave,
nor the end of this noon, which it is letting pass the night, but that seems so infinity, if I look it through your eyes,
neither this dark sky that exposes their contrasting stars, all them gorgeous, none one as bright as your smile.

While I´m next to you there is no tick tock on the clock,
no reason to stand up of bed, nobody knocking the door.
Naked without my words, with no more in me than my instincts, and you remain next to me;
I’m being guided by your heart, and can see you with my hands, I can close my eyes now,
don´t need to talk, my heartbeat reveals you what I feel, while your skin, my counselor, explains me what you mean.

Both together, guilty of this fire that overheats our blood, breathing at same speed as the intense gallop of a percheron horse;
I let pass without leak, the overflow of my passion, in the most sincere expression of my feelings,
in the most authentic answer of my senses, while in a kiss, I make you love.

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