Everything everyday

By giving all you got, each day of your life, you let life to fill you up everyday with new stuffs, good things, and bad things, ’cause that’s what life does.

As soon as we understand the purpose of having stuff, one day yes, and one day not, when we really appreciate the learning and enjoyed all the presents of our present day before we let all back to its life cycle. Only then life can fulfill our soul once more with all that she want to give us to grow up, good things and bad things, just as life does.

We must let go past memories, sadness, hapiness, great passengers, wrong riders, illness and painful stuffs, all which have completed our lesson of growth, then life can provide us new lessons, new emotions, new hopes. Cause the more clean we let our heart at the end of a day, the more love our life will provide for the next journey.

Because for the next deep breathe you first need to empty your lungs.

Because for the more love we let go, the more love we’re enable to receive.

Because the most we give everything to life, the more we grow everyday.

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