Stop hearing, Start listening

How many things do you hear at the same time? Do you process all of them with same quality?

Chatting with someone on the phone while hearing someone else at your side, or talking with someone while attending a call, hearing an audio, or simply reorganizing your pending list mentally, forces our brain to split its attention, reducing our reception, and retention abilities for details.

Our brain is great at turning on the automatic mode to keep track off both events by reacting only to significant words but skipping overall context.

Comprehension and concentration require a well-built level of details and context. Otherwise, our level of reaction would be poor and inaccurate.

Hearing multiple things at the same time, from noisy music in the background until keeping two separate conversations at the same time, it is a trending but fake skill, as is not a powerful capability but an abusive demand to our brain.

It can be trained to keep track of separate things and get better at the response time while switching in between two or more different topics, but that is useful for moving numbers, not for increasing our performance as it is not necessarily improving the quality of our results.

Listening requires attention to detail, comprehension of context, focus, and time.

Listening would require us to remain present for one thing at a time. One conversation, one event, one task. With that being said, listening would require to avoid multitasking, but this habit investment will reduce rework and misunderstandings and will increase quality communication and valuable collaboration.

It is not about time or quantity. It is about quality conversations; and it is about respect for you and others.

Build your Supportive Environment Kit

Humanity is living a stressful life. We all have been in a situation where our mental, physical, and emotional health have fallen apart, and we need to pause and adjust to keep going, at least once in our lives.

What do you do when that pause is required, forced, or timely taken? Where do you go? and who do you refuge with? You can think of different things when you plan ahead, but when you don’t have the time, what, where, and who are your “contingency plan” agents in a real crisis? Do you even have a plan?

When I need to focus, I always think of a trail route through a forest, my mind’s runaway place. And I mentally reproduce the sound of a wave when I have an anxiety attack. These strategies are worthy when no one is close for a heartening chit-chat, advice, or a hug.

Having mental schemas for self-control is excellent. We are responsible for cheering us up to pursue our dreams as achievements and consequences are added to our account and no one else. But having a solid support network is beneficial for dealing with emotional dilemmas and challenging each other.

I can think of certain people that are great for stimulating or controversial conversations and unforgettable moments. Is important having that kind of people around to drive and inspire. It keeps you focused as vibrating in the same mood of thoughts and goals.

I also have learned that not all the people around are there for me to rely on when I panic. If a reduced list of names comes out of your mind for critical moments, it is OK, as long as you have one faithful ally.

It is hard to think that being in a spa in Bali or the Maldives, you could be having the wrong time. I am not saying that exactly, but wouldn’t it be better with someone who could add laughs and experiences to the exact moment? No matter how beautiful the landscape is, you will never see the afternoon rainbow if your mind is foggier than the sky. No matter how good our self-control strategies are, where we are or what we do, sometimes we need that external point of view to get back on the rail.

Think of Superman’s fortress of solitude. Yes, it is a safe place, but it offers more than just physical protection; it also holds advice and comfort from characters that would grant mental and emotional strength.

A supportive environment is entirely that. A space where you feel safe but also heal, recharge energy, and recover strength. As 3D beings, we must maintain mental stability, physical health, and emotional balance. Those three elements are not found in a single place or form but in a set of stages, involving people, attitude, and perhaps being or not in a place, yet all with the same purpose.

Whatever phase of your life, you need all those elements to build your fortress. At the same time, every aspect of your life might require specific and different characteristics. As for your professional growth, you may need a more entrepreneurial and innovative net; for your healthy lifestyle, you may prefer constancy and focus as your kind of adviser.

We commonly rely on friends and family for support; some try, but not all have the abilities or resources to help with the different aspects of our needs. If you cheer them up more than what they influence towards our goals, then you are part of their supportive environment, but perhaps it is not otherwise.

It is not a rule of life to have the capabilities for such an inspirational journey, so be thankful for the ones that do their best to keep up with you. It is, though, part of our journey to look for and after that empowering habitat that would reinforce our values and beliefs and provides safety and challenging basis to keep moving.

Building our supportive environment is more accessible when our expectations are clear. What you want to achieve would guide you through the tools, experiences, and groups of people that could increase your potential to succeed.

Finding places to relax, hobbies to escape, and activities to encourage yourself is relatively easy, along with identifying healthy habits, an adaptable attitude, and valuable relationships. Keeping them despite the adversities is challenging, but that must also be part of your support plan.

Do not worry about setting up altogether; most of the time, we start our journeys, and throughout the process, we build strong support networks, like in school or at work. Overall in life, we meet invaluable people, the same that we find places and activities that help us remain calm and regain focus and purpose.

Ensure you consider all the pieces for your “supportive kit” and keep it in good shape as you would in a first aid one. It is, indeed, for a similar purpose.

A.Viggiano, 2022/07, The pilot of your life

El piloto de tu vida – The pilot of your life

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