Eres lo que haces, y haces lo que piensas.

Todo lo que hacemos deja huella. Una impresión irrefutable de nuestro paso, y el inegable efecto de nuestros actos. Marca que quedará por siempre en nuestro trayecto, y en el de quienes siguen nuestro curso.

Grow wisely

There are many things to learn. We can quickly lose focus and unbalance your growth. The pressure and the trending topics deviate our attention to temporary and superficial targets.

Although we generate expertise in some topics, we leave others neglected, resulting in an imbalance of the multidimensional beings we are.

We need to be cautious and diligent when we plan our growth if we attempt to remain stable and balanced in our life.

It is not only what we do at work but who we are at home, with our friends, and in our community that needs solid foundations and constant care.


When we got this image we immediately thought, skip this photo, the veins of my hands are popping out. What would the world think about them!

But let me tell you this. After years of climbing, canicrossing, boxing, facing anxiety attacks, holding tight, letting go, playing music, painting, and writing stories. These are strong woman, dreamer warrior hands. They share much more lessons in those veins, than the letters of the book they are carrying.

They are real, and they are mine. They are part of my temple, and I live this life through him.

Get rid of this self-sabotage, break the generic plastic perfect mold, break the bias in yourself, and lead the way to others. Is hard to believe but we commonly are the first wound to heal.

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